How To Keep Your Manufactured Home Toasty This Winter

Miller Meadows Manufactured Housing Community in Spanish Fork, Utah, is a comfortable neighborhood for seniors over age 55 who want to remain independent. Our manufactured homes are affordably priced with the senior budget in mind, and our homes are just the right size for the young-at-heart who don't want to spend their retirement maintaining a large home and yard. We want our residents, as well as any manufactured home dwellers who may read this post, to enjoy a carefree winter season. This is best done by taking a few precautionary steps to help prevent damage from winter weather conditions.

Primary among those concerns is to ensure you don't suffer from frozen and burst pipes. Invest in an inexpensive electrically-heated tape. Make sure to wrap all of the pipes under your home to maintain the temperature of your mainline at above freezing temperatures. Make sure that you drain all garden hoses and unhook them from the yard hydrants to prevent the pipes and valves from freezing and splitting. Hoses should be coiled and stored out of the weather.

Weatherstripping can help keep cold breezes from coming in and heat from escaping. Install around doors and windows anywhere you can feel the air moving. This should help save on heating costs and keep you feeling toasty. Inexpensive foam weatherstripping pads, available at hardware stores and home improvement centers, can be placed behind your outlets and light switches to stop cold from unwelcome entry.

Change the filters in your furnace and vacuum away any dust build up before you light it up for winter. Consider the allergen filtration filters - they cost slightly more but can help prevent respiratory problems from air-born dust and pollens. New filters will also enhance your furnace's energy efficiency.

If you have drafts coming in under your doors, there are inexpensive and very effective drafts blockers that just slide onto the bottom of your door and fill the gap, blocking the cold air from giving your furnace a run for your money.

Taking a little time now will ensure a warmer, more cost-efficient home as the winter months ensue.

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